Drug testing is real. It happens in many places. Maybe you have undergone a drug test in the past. If you usually drive at night, chances are that you have undergone an alcohol test a number of times. Did you pass the test? Remember that driving while drunk is very dangerous. It can cost your life and the life of innocent people.

Of course, drug testing is justified in most cases. However, at times there are opportunities at stake. Think about this, you have just finished campus and you have been looking for jobs for many years without success. You finally sit for an interview, you pass all the interview stages, and when it comes to the final stage of drug testing, you fail it. How will you feel about that? That is what happens in America almost every day.

How About Being Sacked For Failing A Drug Test

Getting a job is not easy. If you lose your job because of failing a drug test, that will be losing a lifetime opportunity. There are steps that you can take to ensure that you pass a drug test but most of these steps will help with the pre-employment drug testing.

When you are in employment, random drug testing can be the case. Therefore, you will not know when a drug test will take place. With random tests, you will not be in a position to implement the strategies that will clear drug metabolites from your system.

When on campus, most likely you smoked a lot of pot and drunk a lot of alcohol. The employer should understand you and not force you to undergo a drug test but urge you to stop using drugs or control drug use. Because that will not be the case, you deserve to implement strategies that will make you pass the test. However, employment is a different ball game. It is the real world and you need to know that drugs do not mix with work.

Drugs will lower your productivity. They will make you not to be a team player. Drug users are usually late to work. It is understandable for a college student to smoke weed regularly but for someone in employment, it should be something that one avoids or does rarely.

Many People are failing Drug Tests

That is the reality. It is easy to see why many Americans fail drug tests. It is because Americans love to get high. It is not just Americans but also people from different parts of the world. It is true to say that getting high is in the DNA of the typical human being. After sex, there is no other greater obsession than drugs.

In the last century alone, humans have invented all manner of drugs. People even abuse prescription drugs meant for medical purposes. Indeed, humans can abuse anything. Some individuals even abuse food and that is why obesity is becoming a global pandemic.

Of course, there is borderline. You should not use some drugs. The likes of cocaine and heroin are no-go zones. However, marijuana and alcohol are legal in many countries. However, you should use them in moderation.

The big problem is that many people do not have discipline when it comes to using alcohol and marijuana. That is why abstaining is recommended.

Taking a joint of marijuana once in a month will not make you fail a drug test. However, using it every day or every other day will lead to failing a drug test and that can have dire consequences.

You are Not Helpless in the Face of Drug Tests

If you are straight from campus, drug testing should not make you not to get that dream job. However, once you get the job you need to take care of it by avoiding drug use.

There are products that will clear drug toxins from your body and make you pass the test. If you interview is weeks away, you should simply stop using drugs and detoxify your body by exercising, dieting, and drinking plenty of water.

The Bottom-Line

Drug testing is going nowhere. It is here to stay. Actually, the drug testing industry is growing. As the tests are becoming more severe, people are finding more innovating ways of cheating the drug tests.