how-to-pass-a-drug-test-step-2If you work in an industry that has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use, such as sports, oil and gas industry or law enforcement, the thought of breathing in smoke from marijuana, when the people around you are smoking weed, can send shivers down your spine. This is because you will test positive for marijuana, and suffer the consequences despite not having smoked weed in the first place. If you have smoked weed intentionally, however, you should take proactive measures to ensure you can pass a random drug test. There are many other types of drugs that are banned in the industries mentioned above. They include; opiates, methamphetamines, barbiturates, and steroids. If you test positive for any of these drugs, or any other banned substance, you may lose your job or get banned from your sporting discipline for many years.

What You Need to Know About Drug Tests

There are basically four types of drug tests. They include; blood, urine, saliva and hair drug tests. Usually, the subject is required to provide a sample to the lab technician, or any other person who may be tasked with the job. The sample is then taken to the lab for testing. The sample can be saliva, hair, urine or blood. Whatever the case, a considerable sample must be provided to ensure there is sufficient specimen to test for the different types of drugs.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

The easiest type of drug test to cheat is a urine drug test. This is because nobody can be told to strip naked to provide the sample. Even if someone is standing next to you watching you pee, you can still cheat. For instance, there are urinators made to look exactly like the human penis. The urinator is usually loaded with human-grade pee. When asked to pee, you simply need to open your zipper, take out the urinator and unload the sample into the provided container.

Another option for cheating a urine drug test is to use a product that will neutralize any toxins or drugs in the urine. All you need to do is pee in the cup and pour the neutralizer into the cup. At worst, the sample will produce a false positive.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Hair follicles contain a lot of information. In addition to having your DNA, your hair also contains traces of drugs you have used over the last couple of weeks, depending on the length of your hair. The longer your hair is, the more the drug history it will provide. To pass a hair drug test, you will need to do two things. First, you need to cut your hair on a regular basis. Secondly, you need to wash your hair with a hair detoxification shampoo. This is a special type of shampoo that can wash off all traces of drugs from your hair follicles.

There are many types of hair detoxification shampoos on the market that you can use to rid your hair of any toxins. You can even make your own shampoo as explained on but you can get the best results when you use a product that has been tried and tested. If you are concerned about some of the chemicals that are found in some hair detox shampoos, you can opt for shampoos made from natural ingredients.

By washing your hair regularly with these shampoos, you can be assured of getting rid of traces of drugs and toxins in a matter of days. To improve your chances of success, be sure to cut your hair before you start using the shampoo.

How to Pass All Types of Drug Tests

As mentioned earlier, there are four main types of drug tests. If you would like to pass all of them, you only need to get into a detox program to flush out all the toxins and drugs from your system. You can start by identifying the most effective product on the market based on user reviews and testimonials. Next, compare their prices and choose the most affordable product. Be sure to also check the time it takes the program to produce meaningful results. For instance, if a program takes 3 weeks to rid your body of toxins, but you expect a drug test in 2 weeks, you should avoid it. The good news is that there are detox programs that take as little as 1 day up to 10 days. Depending on when you expect to undergo the drug test, you should choose a suitable detox program to meet your needs.

The beauty of a full-body detoxification program is that it can help you to pass all kinds of drug tests from saliva and urine to hair and blood drug tests. The key to passing a drug test lies in choosing the right product and following the instructions that come with that product to the letter. After completing the detox program, whether it’s a hair or full-body detox program, you should use a test kit to test yourself to confirm that you are going to test negative when the drug test is done.